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Black Lagoon Wallpapers

Collection of 10 Black Lagoon wallpapers to download for computer screen for free. Here you can find only Black Lagoon HD wallpapers in widescreen resolution. Black Lagoon is a Japanese Television series, revolving around smuggling of goods surrounding the Southeast Asia seas in 1990s.  The Television series was Penn down by Rei Hiroe. The series featured a Lagoon Company who operated from Roanapur city (Fictional city) somewhere in Thailand. The Lagoon Company took missions in the TV series, which included firefights, lots of action and drama. When they are not working, the Lagoon Company members chill at the Yellow Flag Bar. Black Lagoon Wallpaper holding gun Black lagoon had more of Graphic fights majorly involving girls. The concept, dark humour, gritty surrounding and fights made it one of the loved shows. The show premiered on April 2001 with the main TV series chapter being aired from May 2002. The show had an animation adaptation airing on Chiba TV having 12 episodes in total. The animated show was produced by Madhouse. The reason of appreciating the TV series was the way action sequences were designed and having strong women, characters but seem to have criticized of being constant in the story line.   Photo Gallery Download your favorite black lagoon wallpapers in high quality to give a new look to desktop computer background: