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We can tell that this delicious and yummy Cheese has been served to you several times and it's widely used across the world during our breakfast.   This light yellow to white color Cheese is originally made with milk.   Before we check out some pictures of Cheese, lets first find some interesting fact about this delicious food. . Interesting Facts
  • The Cheese is called with other name from country to country like: In Japan it's - Sakura cheese; India - Paneer or Khoa; China - Nguri or Rubing; Austria - Bergkase etc.
  • The Cheese contain good amount of protein along with fat.
  • The milk that is used to make Cheese could be milk of Cow, Goat, Buffalo etc.
Photo Gallery Now lets find some beautiful and delicious wallpapers of Cheese from our below gallery. Collection of some finest Cheese HD pictures are available in widescreen for desktop background for free:

Slice of cheese for breakfast in morning