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Cheshire Cat Wallpapers for Desktop

This cute and hilarious cheshire cat wallpapers are ready to download for free. You can find here Cheshire Cat hd wallpapers in our collection. Famous for her iconic Grin, the Cheshire cat is a fictional character in the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland novel by Lewis Caroll. The Cheshire cat could suddenly disappear and appear again in front of Alice which amused her. Alice first met Cheshire cat in the Kitchen. There are various instances and references which suggests that Lewis Carroll had named the cat based on it. For Instance, it was said that Lewis saw a carved grin cat at the St Wilfrid Church in Cheshire this took inspiration and named Cheshire cat.

Angry cheshire cat in Sky

The Cheshire cat featured in various TV and Film adaptations. The animated film of Disney, Alice in Wonderland had Cheshire cat which sometimes helped Alice while sometimes troubled her. In 2010 Alice in Wonderland film, also Cheshire Cat is featured. A video game was also made where Cheshire cat could be made invisible. All the adaptations of Cheshire cat in various field had some unique traits but her iconic Grin was the same.  

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