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Cricket Stadium HD Wallpapers

A cricket stadium is a great destination for hosting Cricket tournaments. Find the wallpapers of big cricket ground  in HD resolution to download.  Be it a one-day match or a test match, the stadium gets packed with crowd as the match begins.  Being a large grassy ground with an oval shape, this has a number of sides. As there is no certain dimension for the field, the diameter of the ground varies between 450 feet to 500 feet. Although, new nations are joining the group as new entrants in Cricket team, for most of the people, the game remains unusual as nothing could get predicted till the last moment of the match. International Cricket Confederation has laid down norms for building stadiums for the international matches. Inside the stadium, a rope marks the ground as the dividing line between the playing field and outside area. This is familiar as boundary. The strip of land over the grassy field, where the wickets stand for bowling and batting, is known as pitch. People enjoying cricket together in stadium Photo Gallery The fans of cricket can find the cricket ground wallpapers with green grass and fans sitting inside the stadium: Source - Goodfon