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Disney Princess Sofia Wallpapers (10 HD Photos)

Princess Sofia (also known as Sofia the First) is a Disney princess.  Find the Disney Princess Sofia HD Wallpapers for desktop computer. She is only eight years old. The name of her mother is Miranda. And her father is Roland II. Sophia grew up in a village until her mother married his father. Roland II is the king of a fantasy kingdom called Enchancia. So Sofia suddenly became a princess. This Disney Princess is actually part of an animated series named after her and looks as cute as Princess Belle.The series focuses on Sofia’s experiences as she learns how to become a proper princess. She soon finds out that it is not the beauty of the outside but the strengths inside a person is the real valuable thing. Princess Sofia has some magical powers too. She can understand the language of birds and animals, change her size and she can even summon other Disney princesses for help in bad times. The story of Prince Sofia focuses on good human qualities like honesty and kindness. Princess Sofia awesome wallpaper in HD Photo Gallery Here is your chance to download  Princess Sofia wallpapers to download on desktop and laptop backgrounds. Perfect pictures of  Princess Sofia for kids. Source - Goodfon