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Eric Cartman Cute HD Wallpapers

Find these cute Eric Cartman high resolution wallpapers for desktop backgrounds in HD. We have stored 10 high quality pictures to download. Popular with the name of Cartman, Eric Cartman is an animated character in popular TV series, South Park. The show has been made by Matt Stone and Trey Parker. The voice over for the character of Eric Cartman is also given by Trey Parker. There are other three main characters along with Cartman namely Kyle Broflovski, Stan Marsh and Kenny McCormick. Among the four, Eric has been the most popular among kids. Fighter Eric Cartman fighting with monster with his magic stick The character of Cartman is shown to be a student of elementary school who resides with his mother in a town called Colorado in South Park. It is a fictional town and not in real. The nature of the character is a bit arrogant and aggressive and is not politically correct at times. Cartman has been among the iconic characters on cartoon TV Series.  Cartman is an Archie Bunker type character,a little fat kid who does not speak good.   Photo Gallery Below 10 latest Eric cartman wallpapers will look good on desktop backgrounds, try it out today. Source - Goodfon