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Indian Parrot

This amazing beautiful Indian Parrot is also some time called as Rose ringed Parakeet. This popular parrot is a common bird in India, other South Asian countries and Africa. They can easily adapt the climate and that's why today it's one of the successful bird. The Indian Parrots are social birds and do take care of their chicks together.  As compare to macaw, the Indian parrot is small in size. The average lifespan of this beautiful Indian Parrot could be from 22 to 35 years.  Let's check some green Indian Parrot beautiful pictures from our gallery. . Photo Gallery Check these amazing ultimate Indian Parrot Wallpapers in high resolution available in 1024x800 to 1920x1200 resolution. Download cute colorful Indian Parrot in green and red color in HD that comes in widescreen for free:

Indian Parrot hd wallpaper