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Kali Maa

This powerful goddess is the sign of power and known as Kali Maa.  When Devil start dominating then Goddess Durga with the help of Mata Kali jump into battlefield. And then Kali play an important role to destroy and vanish Raktajib (demon).  After destroying demon she was not stopping and about to finish the entire universe and then Lord Shiva came and lies just on her way so that she would stop.  When Maa Kali reliaze that she by mistake put her legs on God Shiva then she calm down. Let's check Mata Kali pictures in our below gallery. . Photo Gallery Collection of best and beautiful wallpapers of Kali Maa are ready to download into desktop computer. Find high resolution Mata Kali HD pictures for ipad to cell phone:

Maa Kaali Angry look wallpaper