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Minnie Mouse Wallpapers HD Download Free

Collection of cute Minnie Mouse Wallpapers are ready for the children to download. Minerva “Minnie” mouse is an immortal cartoon character sketched by Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney. In the year 1928, this female cartoon character was drawn by Iwerks and later, in the year 1942, this famous cartoon got the name of “Minerva mouse”. This cartoon character shows the undying passion of mankind for the pets. Always dressed as a ‘flapper” girl, her fancy costume attracts her fans throughout the world. The best part of her appearance is her shoes, which are very fashionable. As she wears green and pink colored dresses, the matching shoes are the best compliments to her code of dressing. As the “Mickey and Minnie mouse show” enjoys world-wide popularity, Minnie mouse gets a lot of appreciation in her lighthearted, melodic, and playful role.  Often portrayed as a performer in the role of a dancer and musician, “Minnie Mouse” has stayed the darling of millions around the globe. Pretty Minnie Mouse showing her ring Photo Gallery Cute, sweet and lovely Minnie Mouse HD Wallpapers are ready for the fans. Download Minnie Mouse desktop backgrounds high quality pictures from this gallery: Source - Goodfon