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Princess Belle Wallpapers – Download HD Free

Cute, sweet and lovely Princess Belle Wallpapers for the fans to download.  Princess Belle is a Disney Princess from France. She is one of the strongest female characters portrayed by Disney. She first appeared in the file “Beauty and the Beast”. Princess Belle is different from all other women and girls of her locality. An independent and strong character, she refused the negative outlook of the society towards females. Unlike other girls she is book loving, witty and courageous to handle any tough situation. When her father, Maurice was abducted by the Beast, Belle took the responsibility to rescue him. As she lives with the Beast, she understands that the inner beauty is more important than the outer appearance. When she finally starts to fall in love with the Beast, the curse of the Beast is revoked. Despite her delicate look, Belle is a good horse rider. She is also a very good singer. The overall strong characterization of her has made Belle one of the most popular Disney Princesses. Have a look to these Princess Belle desktop backgrounds pictures below. Lovely Princess Belle enjoying in garden Photo Gallery Check out these Princess Belle HD Wallpapers with beautiful backgrounds for your desktop backgrounds. We have stored 10 lovely Princess Belle Wallpapers in high quality and widescreen resolution. Source - Goodfon