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Princess Jasmine Wallpapers – 10 HD Photos

Princess Jasmine is a well known Disney Princess who lives in the Arabian frictional kingdom of Agrabah. We have stored Princess Jasmine wallpapers that can found in below gallery. Though the kingdom is ruled by his father Sultan, she has important part in decision making. Jasmine often has to remain bounded by the hard and fast rules of the palace, but inside her she has an adventurous and free minded sprit. Together with his best friend and romantic interest Aladdin she takes part in a number of adventures.  Fan can find Princess Jasmine desktop backgrounds in below gallery. Princess Jasmine is sharp, good looking, courageous and highly skilled in hand to hand combat too, just like Princess Belle. She is never afraid to express her opinions. Sometimes she can be a bit stubborn, but overall she is a really good character. Apart from Aladdin, Jasmine has another good friend – Rajah, which is her pet tiger. Princess Jasmine is one of the most prominent characters of Disney. She has been featured in numerous films and programs in addition to tv series. Lovely image of Disney Princess Jasmine Photo Gallery  Cute, and beautiful Princess Jasmine wallpapers are waiting for the kids to download it on desktop backgrounds. Source - Goodfon