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Radamel Falcao Wallpapers

Radamel Falcao Wallpapers - Born in 1986, he is from Colombia and started football as a career from 1999. Radamel Falcao salary is of 13.78 Billion recorded in 2016. Born in Colombia in 1986, he started playing football as a profession when Radamel was 14 year old.  Being a striker, Radamel is 5.10 feet tall and currently playing from the Chelsea team.  He started playing international football match from 2007 however was not able to participate 2014 FIFA world cup due to major injury. However Radamel gola score in excellent and match almost with Sergio Aguero. The fans can find the latest Radamel Falcao desktop backgrounds that is available below. Check out latest collection pictures of Radamel Falcao taken at football ground in high quality resolution. Radamel Falcao Net Worth - $70 Million Famous Colombian footballer Radamel Falcao wallpaper Photo Gallery  Check out the Radamel Falcao HD Wallpapers to download into computer background.  Below available 09 pictures of Radamel Falcao are in high resolution and widescreen. [ Source - Goodfon