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Spain Flag Wallpapers

High quality of Spain Flag Wallpaper to download for desktop screen. Here you can find widescreen Spain Flag Wallpapers in HD resolution for free. The specialty of the flag of Spain is that there have been many variants of the flag. There are three horizontal stripes in the Spain Flag. In the middle is the yellow stripe with “The coat of arms”. On the two sides of the yellow stripe are red stripes. The red stripes on the extremes of the flag are half the width of the yellow stripe. The present Spanish flag was brought in practice by King Charles 3. The colors red and yellow were used because they characterized the Spanish kingdom. The coat of arms which appears on the middle stripe has several components representing the old Spain and it’s kingdom. It has a shield with six parts which symbolize the different kingdoms of Spain. The Pillars of Hercules beside the shield has red ribbons. The ribbons display the Latin motto “There’s more beyond”.
Beautiful Spanish flag wallpaper

Awesome flag of Spanish wallpaper for desktop background

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