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War Horse

Collection of 10 War Horse HD Wallpapers ready to download for free. We have stored War Horse high resolution pictures taken from the movie. A Hollywood action drama film released in the year 2011 by Steven Spielberg is an adaptation of Michael Morpurgo’s novel named War Horse. The movie is war based movie on and before the World War 1. The movie did garnered critical and commercial success with nomination in several awards functions. It earned a total of $177 Million worldwide.

Horse Standing before war

The movie War Horse was made in total 64 days with some previous training for the horses done by Bobby Lovgren. A total of 14 different types of horses were used in the movie and the main horse which was the central character of the movie was Joey. As there were many horses involved in the filming, a team of American humane Association was always presented on sets. The story is about a horse, Joey who is taken care by Albert until he is purchased by British Army. What all he experiences in the World War 1 and before that forms the main crux of the story.  

Photo Gallery

Whether you love the movie or the game, here can download the war horse wallpapers in high quality resolution for free: